Sunday, November 2, 2008

I have sold $60,000 worth of art the past 12 months and I am building quite a following. Artevo , the largest art gallery in Calgary, Canada, sold five of my paintings to a restaurant owner three months ago and two more one month ago. Click on site Artevo . A collector in Montreal will only buy my paintings because of their unique style. My paintings sell in the vicinity of two to five thousand. The size is from 20x24 in up to 30x48in. I paint strictly in oil
My style matter is impressionistic as well as pretty realistic and expressionist. It is alive with colors and activity. It is also extremely textural because I am primarily a palette knife artist and am able to achieve exquisite details.
I paint any subject you can think of, from meticulous portraits to landscapes, stree scapes, flowers, portraits. I have a stock of over 1500 paintings from which you can choose from. Please Email back tp and let me know your requirements.